Thursday, January 13, 2011


As the title indicates, this post is for the ladies only. So, if you are of the male variety... move on. I guarantee you DO NOT want to hear what I have to write here. But, I find the message very important... so I am drawn to writing this. For those of the male variety out there who are curious what exactly the message is, let me just start with that, then you can turn away... and not read any further. Lesson: Take a day to take care of you... you will thank yourself.

Enjoying my extra time to take care of life, my girlfriend and I left after putting my kids on the bus and made the two hour drive to attend the temple this morning. We made a day of it and stopped half-way home for lunch and some shopping. My girlfriend indicated that while we were shopping she needed to stop at a certain specialty shop to look for certain undergarments. I thought that would be fine and knew where this particular store (let's just call it VS, for somewhat obvious reasons) was located in the mall. So, after lunch we headed over there and I commented to her, that perhaps I should have them measure me while we are there, as I was somewhat suspicious that I was not wearing the correct size of undergarment (let's just refer to this as a 'b' for simplification). With the weight that I had gained I had picked up some new b's over the years - in a larger size than I had once worn - and for years assumed it was correct. For some reason in the last week-and-a-half when I have not been in such a rush dressing in the morning, I began to wonder if I was perhaps wrong??

We made our way to VS and my girlfriend inquired on the location of specific b's and then we headed for the dressing room. Once there I asked the associate working if she would mind measuring me... just for my curious sake. I was right... I had been wearing a size too small for all these years. I hopped in a dressing room and was pleased with the results of the larger sized undergarment. I looked fabulous. I tried on a different style... I still looked fabulous. Who knew such a simple thing could make such a difference. I debated. If I loose weight I won't need the larger size. But, in the meantime I could look fabulous.... I decided to hit the clearance rack and look fabulous without spending a fortune.

I have to say, I do look fantastic. I keep checking myself out in the mirror. I can't believe I have gone all these years not looking as great as I could have! In fact I may not need to lose as much weight as I thought I did... I somehow look slimmer with things all in line. So, ladies... do yourself a favor... get measured and get fabulous.

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