Saturday, March 5, 2011


The amount of healing that has taken place over the last year plus is huge. The cloud is gone, that once was a constant. The time I have had these past couple months not working... but just cleaning up my life... have been a tremendous blessing - but there is more to do.

I need to THRIVE. I need to LIVE my life in such a way that I can look at it and know I am doing my best. I need to break out of the patterns and behaviors I have adopted in my attempt to survive... and I need to return to THRIVING. My friend "S" is going to help me do it. Actually, we are going to help each other do it. She is not a widow.. but many of us for all sorts of different reasons find ourselves simply surviving in life and forget that we should be thriving.

We have six areas of focus: Spiritual, Emotional and Physical health, relationships, work (home or me actually finding a job again... I do need to do that), FUN, and service.

I am looking forward to our adventure together. I will write about it some through the process. I encourage you to join us. Take stock. How is your life? Are you thriving?? :)

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  1. Good food for thought...I have considered this very thing a lot and I think it is something that is a process when there is trauma in your life. You have to just concentrate on surviving and then as you get through the begin to pick up the pieces and put your life back together. As you said, the cloud lifts and you can then go to the next step of thriving. There are times you fall back in to the survival mode but you are able to push forward. What wonderful goals you have! And thank you for motivating me to do better too.