Tuesday, February 1, 2011


All widows should be unemployed... OK, not really. Especially if you are a widow like me that wasn't wise enough to end up a widow with a large life insurance policy. And especially if you are a young widow with children to support.

I have enjoyed my past few weeks of unemployment. I have had sick kids, snow days and regularly scheduled days off from school that have given me a household full (vs. the moments of quiet I had dreamed of). On the days that I have actually had to myself I have been brushing up on my ability to "sell myself". The joys of looking for a new job.

What I am discovering, is that in order to "sell oneself" you must KNOW oneself. I got started on that process this last year as I have written for my blog... but now it is getting down deep. Not just seeing my weaknesses, but now I have to see what is good in me. Why someone would pay me, hopefully a lot of money, for me to work for them.

This is hard. But since I am not the same person I was six years ago. Since I have new strengths that have come as a result of the path I have trod... the experience of getting to know that person... is good. Very good. All widows should do it. It is good to look back and discover you have become someone you would have have otherwise. And while we KNOW that... it is good to discover and admit the POSITIVE aspects of that!

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