Friday, October 1, 2010


The company I work for has been sold. Due to the nature of my position (I assist the owner, who as a result of the sale, is no longer the owner), I need to find a new job.

I don't know how long I have left where I am, but I have been urged to start looking for a job.

So, how do I get a job doing something I have no work experience in? And where might I find a job?

I have done sales... but I don't like sales when I HAVE to hit my quota or else. Too much pressure.

I have been an Executive Assistant... I am sooo bored.

So, this is what I need. I would like to do training. One of two kinds would be my preferred. I would like to be a trainer for sales OR an employee development trainer.

The other option is for me to be the next Rachel Ray. I don't cook - but I would like to launch a little empire like she has. I love being on TV. It makes me happy. I would promise to entertain you all! I think you would like me. What should my show be on? And then HOW DO YOU DO THAT? How do you get THAT kind of job? Alright - I have posted the question for the world to see. I will be awaiting the response. It's time. I need a new job. Can I get a fun and fulfilling one this time?

On "P.S. I Love You", she had the job of her dreams within a year of her husband's death. I am coming up on six years. It's time. Who can help?


  1. You'd be a great trainer! Have you ever trained employees before? In my line of business, banking, sales and employee development are intertwined. Good luck with your search. Find something you love!!!! I'd recommend checking your local banks for new account positions, but they do have some sales goals involved. But the hours are good! Some executive assistant type jobs also involve customer service duties as well which helps it to be not quite as boring.

  2. You don't know me, but I emailed you just a minute ago. My husband recently unexpectedly passed away at 36 and I have two lovely girls who I am raising in the LDS faith. Your courage and honesty are inspiring to me and I would love to correspond with someone who can understand what I am going through. I sent you my blog and email info to your gmail account. I would love to correspond with you.

  3. It was good to read your latest posts. As much as I am yearning for you to find a great job and overall peace and happiness in your life I am sooooo glad you've reached such a pivotal point in your life right before conference weekend! I'll be praying for you to receive the inspiration and guidance you're looking for as we listen to a prophets voice this weekend. LOVE YOU!

  4. Kim - Thanks for the adivce, I never would have thought to check that industry!

    Chelle- OK - weekend over. Maybe the light is yet to come. :0)

  5. Leesh- try emailing me again... I'd love to correspond. I didn't get an e-mail from you.

  6. What location(s) is(are) acceptable for the said "perfect job"?